Why all the changes and new web address?

Changes to the infrastructure of the internet worldwide in 2017, have allowed me to find a permanent home for this site and instead of costing me hundreds of dollars each year for my various websites. The cost is now less than $5 per week to have permanent homes for all of them, using the new link domains.

It also provides a stability that could not be had previously. We are no longer at so much risk of websites crashing or disappearing, or having to be rebuilt from scratch. Add that to our membership of the ‘Wayback Machine‘ and the National Library of Australia and the our history is preserved forever.

Soon you need only type in chaddyhigh.link to access everything related to our high school and in which I’m involved. Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, the lot. Full implementation cannot be completed until the new structure is rolled out worldwide. Australia are early adopters of the new technology.

Please visit again soon. Content will expand rapidly, as will member options. Membership of all my sites has always been free. I think it a joke to charge people or my hobbies. 🙂

An important part of this decision was to find a facebook alternative. I won’t go into details but facebook as you now know it, is unlikely to exist within the next 5+ years. Soon you (or someone else) will have to pay for all but the most basic things. Facebook are sick of making no money from groups like ours and it’s not just us. Some Buy & Sell groups are already being charged a monthly fee to remain visible and businesses have been charged a ‘visibility marketing fee’ for several years. —-read more & protect yourself from facebook – if you can!